International Part 3

China, Laos agree to boost cooperation


  • China is willing to boost pragmatic cooperation with Laos in various fields, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said here on Friday. He said China is ready to work closely with Laos to implement the important consensus reached between leaders of both countries and parties, deepen the China-Laos ties, push forward pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and make contribution to peace and development of the region.

Chinese immersion students win big in national competition

Feb 23, 2017

  • Tackling a difficult math or science question can sometimes be daunting – but imagine doing it in another language. That is just what 10 Davis County students had to do at a recent competition – in Chinese. Students ranging in age from 8 to 13 recently attended the first annual National Chinese Math & Science Competition held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Jan. 27 and 28. The group came home with 12 medals.

PH, China coast guards line up joint drills for 2017

February 23, 2017

  • The coast guards of the Philippines and China lined up joint drills to be conducted within the year to implement an agreement that President Rodrigo Duterte signed during his state visit to China in October 2016.

Current Americans’ view of China most positive in three decades: poll


  • Half of Americans now view China favorably, the highest rating since 1989, found a Gallup released Thursday. This is up from 44 percent in 2016 and 41 percent in 2012, found the Feb. 1-5 Gallup poll. China’s favorable rating by Americans was only 38 in 1985 but registered 72 percent in Gallup’s poll in February 1989, taken days after former U.S. President George H. W. Bush returned from a diplomatic visit to China. It had remained at the low 40s for most of the time since 1989, according to Gallup.

China’s US Image the Most Positive in Three Decades

February 23, 2017

  • Americans have been feeling more positively toward China in recent years, and now 50% say they have a favorable opinion of that country — up from 44% in 2016 and 41% in 2012. This is the highest for this measure in Gallup trends since a 72% reading in February 1989, months before the Chinese government’s violent crackdown on pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square sent its U.S. favorable rating tumbling to 34%.

Chinese, Italian leaders pledge mutual support in multilateral blocs

22 February, 2017

  • Presidents Xi Jinping, Sergio Matterella also vow to boost cooperation on ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative during visit to Beijing by Italian business delegation China and Italy will strengthen their cooperation in multilateral bodies, their leaders agreed during a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Italian counterpart Sergio Matterella on Wednesday.

China, France to Intensify Nuclear Energy Cooperation – Chinese Premier


  • According to reports, Chinese Premier and French Prime Minister in Beijing announced their intention to strengthen nuclear energy cooperation between the two countries. “China intends to strengthen cooperation [with France] throughout the whole chain in the sphere of nuclear energy, to steadily promote the implementation of the project on the construction of Hinkley Point nuclear plant, to explore joint nuclear energy market development in third countries, to expand aerospace cooperation, to deepen cooperation on combating climate change,” Li said.

Trump Trade Threat Is New Opening for Tighter Mexico-China Ties

February 21, 2017

  • Mexico is in for some painful restructuring if U.S. President Donald Trump follows through with his protectionist threats. Now it’s time for Mexico to woo China, Alicia Garcia Herrero, chief Asia-Pacific economist at Natixis, said in a report.

Mongolia reaffirms commitment to one-China policy

February 21, 2017

  • Debt-ridden Mongolia has reaffirmed its commitment to the One-China policy and sought support from Beijing after bilateral ties were disrupted following the visit of Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to the landlocked country last year. China yesterday assured to help Mongolia in its financial problems after Mongolian Foreign Minister Tsend Munkh-Orgil met his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi here.Tibet is an inseparable part of China and Tibet-related issues are China’s internal affairs, Tsend Munkh-Orgil said after meeting Wang Yi.

Taiwan ‘regrets’ Spanish decision to deport Taiwanese fraud suspects to mainland China

19 February, 2017

  • Taiwan said on Saturday it “deeply regrets” a decision by the Spanish government to deport to mainland China around 200 Taiwanese nationals suspected of telecom fraud. The Spanish government said on Friday it had approved the extradition of 269 “Chinese citizens” as part of a year-long investigation into an internet fraud ring operated from several Spanish cities, including Madrid and Barcelona.

Nepal offering preferential policies to Chinese investors

February 18, 2017

  • Nepal is offering “preferential” policies to Chinese companies for large-scale investments, Nepalese envoy here has said amid China’s strategic push into the landlocked Himalayan nation. “Nepal is offering preferential policies to Chinese companies which want to invest in the country, though challenges remain such as limited public land and power supply, slow Internet speed and language barriers,” said Leela Mani Paudyal, Nepalese Ambassador to China. Chinese enterprises are encouraged to cooperate with Nepalese firms to develop products and services, relocate their manufacturing bases to Nepal, Paudyal said at a seminar yesterday here.

US-China relationship key to stability of APAC region: Ng Eng Hen

19 Feb 2017

  • How the US and China engage with each other and Asian countries will be key to the stability of the Asia Pacific (APAC) region comprising East Asia, the Korean Peninsula and ASEAN, Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said on Sunday (Feb 19). “If US foreign policy, de facto is predominantly anti-China, I think it will be a frustrating decade for many of us in ASEAN and in Asia. Similarly for China, if its efforts are viewed as means to usurp US as the resident Pacific power. Countries will de facto have to choose sides and be put into lose-win situations,” he said.

Exclusive: EU preparing early China summit in message to Trump – sources

Feb 16, 2017

  • The European Union is preparing an early summit with China in April or May in Brussels to promote free trade and international cooperation in the face of a more protectionist and inward-looking Washington, three EU officials said.

Chinese peacekeepers to Liberia win UN peace medals


  • A Chinese peacekeeper assigned to the 19th Chinese peacekeeping detachment to Liberia is presented a UN Peace Medal of Honor at their barracks in Monrovia, capital of Liberia, on Feb. 9, 2017, local time. All the 124 members of the 19th Chinese peacekeeping force to Liberia were awarded the UN peace medals for their excellent performance in Liberia. [Photo:]

China, New Zealand pledge support for free trade to counter global protectionism

Feb 10, 2017

  • New Zealand and China will soon hold a series of high-level meetings and work to promote free trade, the countries’ governments said on Friday, amidst growing concerns about U.S. trade protectionism.

China expels 32 South Korea missionaries amid missile defense tension

Feb 11, 2017

  • China has expelled 32 South Korean Christian missionaries, a Korean government official said on Saturday, amid diplomatic tension between the two countries over the planned deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in the South.

Canada, China to attend summit on free trade after TPP collapse

Feb. 09, 2017

  • Canada and China are joining a mid-March summit hosted by Chile on how to advance trade in Asia-Pacific now that Donald Trump has pulled the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and ceded leadership in the region.

U.N. wary but sees progress in China moves to stop taking executed inmates’ organs

Feb 10, 2017

  • The World Health Organization says China has taken steps to end its once-widespread practice of harvesting organs from executed prisoners but that it’s impossible to know what is happening across the entire country. At a Vatican conference on organ trafficking this week, a former top Chinese official said the country had stopped its unethical program, but critics remain unconvinced.

Trump changes tack, backs ‘one China’ policy in call with Xi

Feb 10, 2017

  • U.S. President Donald Trump changed tack and agreed to honor the “one China” policy during a phone call with China’s leader Xi Jinping, a major diplomatic boost for Beijing which brooks no criticism of its claim to self-ruled Taiwan. “President Trump agreed, at the request of President Xi, to honor our ‘one China’ policy,” the statement said.

Trump Tells Xi Jinping U.S. Will Honor ‘One China’ Policy

FEB. 9, 2017

  • President Trump told President Xi Jinping of China on Thursday evening that the United States would honor the “One China” policy, reversing his earlier expressions of doubt about the longtime diplomatic understanding and removing a major source of tension between the United States and China since shortly after he was elected.

China sends Trump ‘high praise’ after letter to Xi seeking ‘constructive’ relationship

9 Feb 2017

  • U.S. President Donald Trump has broken the ice with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a letter that said he looked forward to working with him to develop constructive relations, although the pair haven’t spoken directly since Trump took office. The letter thanked Xi for his congratulatory note on Trump’s inauguration and wished the Chinese people a prosperous Lunar New Year of the Rooster, the White House said in a statement on Wednesday.

Australia, China vow to deepen ties on trade

Feb. 7, 2017

  • Australia and China pledged Tuesday to deepen their ties on everything from trade to tourism, a show of unity that comes at a delicate time in Australia’s relationship with China’s chief rival for Pacific power, the United States.

China Major Contributor to Nepal’s FDI with Two-Thirds of Total Investment Pledged in First Half of FY

Feb 07, 2017

  • China emerged as one of the top contributors to Nepal’s economy with more than two-thirds of the total foreign direct investment (FDI) coming from the country, which Nepal received during the first half of the current fiscal year that started in mid-July, according to Nepal’s Department of Industries (DoI).

PH submits defense equipment wishlist to China

February 07, 2017

  • The Philippines has submitted to China the list of defense equipment it hopes Beijing can supply through a $14-million grant, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said on Tuesday, February 7, Once China approves the funding, a representative of the Philippine government will go to China.

Chinese-built dam now generating electricity in Sudan


  • The Upper Atbara Dams Complex, built by China Three Gorges Corporation (CTGC) and the China Water and Electric Corporation (CWE), began generating electricity on Thursday, February 2nd in Sudan. A ceremony was held on that day to celebrate the milestone moment. Tens of thousands of local people and the country’s senior officials, including the president Omar al-Bashir, also attend the ceremony.

Sri Lanka eyes China free trade deal this year, PM to visit in May

Feb 4, 2017

  • Sri Lanka aims to finalise a free trade agreement with China this year and the country’s prime minister will visit Beijing in May, the Sri Lankan ambassador said on Saturday, amid rising concern in the South Asian nation about Chinese investment.

China-Mexico tie-up to invest $200 mln in Mexican auto plant

Feb 2, 2017

  • A Chinese-Mexican tie-up on Wednesday unveiled plans to invest over $200 million in a Mexican car plant in a welcome sign of confidence even as threats from U.S. President Donald Trump have paralysed investment plans by U.S. companies.

E.U. Looks to China for Climate Leadership

Feb 1 2017

  • Faced with a U.S. retreat from international efforts to tackle climate change, European Union officials are looking to China, fearing a leadership vacuum will embolden those within the bloc seeking to slow the fight against global warming.

US Defense Secretary Mattis: Only North Korea need fear missile defense

February 2, 2017

  • New US Defense Secretary James Mattis on Thursday defended the planned deployment of a missile defense system in South Korea, saying only North Korea had anything to fear from it.

Partners in Innovation: Swiss Ambassador to China

1st February 2017

  • The Global Times (GT) reporter Zhang Xin interviewed the Swiss Ambassador to China Jean-Jacques de Dardel, who talks about the further deepening bilateral cooperations and China’s important role in the world economy.

China Sets The Stage To Replace The U.S. As Global Trade Leader

January 30, 2017

  • As disposable incomes rise in the world’s second-largest economy, travelers are more inclined to take their new year celebrations outside the country. This year, 6 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel abroad and spend more than $14 billion in 147 destinations, the U.S. included. As I’ve mentioned before, China is home to some of the biggest overseas spenders , with 128 million people spending a whopping $292 billion in 2015 alone.

Asia Pacific nations are tilting closer toward China as Trump declares ‘America First’

31 Jan 2017

  • There are strong signs that countries in Asia and the Pacific region are turning away from the United States and tilting toward China as the Trump administration emphasizes “America First.” Last week, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was open to the idea of China taking the place of the United States in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. The Obama administration had led the effort to build the TPP, and had designed the trading bloc with the U.S. at its center. But President Donald Trump effectively killed the TPP immediately after taking office.

World no longer sees China as a cheap outsourcing destination: Survey

31 Jan 2017

  • The long-established perception of China as the world’s factory may no longer be relevant, according to an annual IHS Markit survey of global procurement and purchasing executives.

Philippines’ Duterte wants China sea patrols to stop kidnappings

31 January 2017

  • President Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday he has asked China to send sea patrols to help stop Islamic militants abducting sailors and attacking vessels off the southern Philippines. Duterte said he would like Beijing to dispatch a fleet like it did in 2009 when it sent a naval convoy to the Gulf of Aden to protect Chinese ships from Somali pirates.

Harsha hails China as new white knight of free world


  • Sri Lanka’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva this week labelled Chinese President Xi Jinping as the new champion of trade and globalization of the free world, who would fill the vacuum created by US President Donald Trump with his inward-looking political and economic policies.–122739.html

S. Korea aiming to smooth ties with China amid THAAD concerns

January 26, 2017

  • South Korea plans to improve communication and cooperation with China to resolve difficulties faced by South Korean companies there, the finance ministry said in a statement on Thursday. The statement, released after a regular government meeting on eternal economic conditions, comes as concerns grow over actions that China is perceived to have taken in retaliation for a South Korean decision last year to deploy a U.S. anti-missile system.

Tonga ‘overwhelmed’ with Chinese assistance

24 January 2017

  • Tonga’s leadership has lauded the country’s relationship with China following a visit by a Chinese National People’s Congress delegation to Nuku’alofa. Both Tonga’s Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva and the Speaker of the Tongan Legislative Assembly, Lord Tu’ivakano told the delegation that Tonga was overwhelmed with China’s bilateral assistance to their country’s development.‘overwhelmed’-with-chinese-assistance

China to Clear Path on Mekong River for Large Ships

January 23, 2017

  • Thailand is backing Chinese plans to clear parts of the Mekong River to allow large cargo ships to pass through. The project is intended to boost shipping navigation along a 630-kilometer part of the river from China’s Yunnan province to Luang Prabang in Laos.

China, Philippines to roll out $3.7B in cooperation projects

Jan. 24, 2017

  • China and the Philippines have agreed on $3.7 billion worth of projects to boost cooperation, state media cited a senior Chinese official as saying, highlighting the improvement in their formerly frosty relations.

China Has Remained WHO’s Strongest Partner : Director-General

Jan 23, 2017

  • Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters has demonstrated China’s staunch commitment to participate and inspire the international community to address the most urgent challenges facing public health, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said in an interview with the People’s Daily.

China ‘could replace the US’ in Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, says Australian diplomat

24 January 2017

  • China could replace the United States as a member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) after President Donald Trump confirmed he would pull his country out of the proposed trade agreement. Australian diplomat Alexander Downer told the BBC’s Today programme his government had approached a number of other countries in the group and discussed bringing in China to replace the US.

Diplomat says China would assume world leadership if needed

Jan 23, 2017

  • China does not want world leadership but could be forced to assume that role if others step back from that position, a senior Chinese diplomat said on Monday, after U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to put “America first” in his first speech. Zhang Jun, director general of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s international economics department, made the comments during a briefing with foreign journalists to discuss President Xi Jinping’s visit to Switzerland last week.

Vietnam Signals Softer Stance on Contested South China Sea

January 18, 2017

  • Vietnam shows signs of softening its approach toward China over their bitter maritime dispute, a move welcomed by nervous leaders in Beijing as it could rebalance Hanoi’s foreign policy away from Washington while cooling decades of strife. Beijing and Hanoi issued a communique Saturday proposing negotiations on their conflicting claims in the South China Sea, state-run media from both sides report. The two sides will also look for shorter-term solutions that avoid slighting either country’s political position, the reports say.

China vows to establish 16 world-class universities by 2030


  • In an ambitious blueprint, Chinese officials have announced intentions to set up 16 top universities by 2030, spreading across several provincial regions outside Beijing and Shanghai, where a number of famous universities are already situated. [Photo: People’s Daily Online] In an ambitious blueprint, Chinese officials have announced intentions to set up 16 top universities by 2030, spreading across several provincial regions outside Beijing and Shanghai, where a number of famous universities are already situated.

Europe Turning to China as Uncertainty Over Trump’s Foreign Policy Looms


  • Diplomatic activities by the Chinese president in Geneva and Davos will have a serious influence on the global economic recovery, according to Ma Zhaoxu, head of the Chinese mission to the UN in Geneva. Thousands of people demonstrate against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) in the centre of Brussels, Belgium September 20, 2016. Europeans see no future in the TTIP. They are concerned. They don’t know what to expect from Trump’s administration. Xi Jinping’s visit to Davos may indicate that Europe sees China as an important partner amid the uncertainty in relations with the US and the future negotiations on Brexit,” the expert pointed out.

China, VN agree to forge win-win co-operation

January, 14/2017

  • The Chinese Government will work closely with its Vietnamese counterpart to fully realise their common aspirations and agreements for the practical benefit of both peoples and the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said yesterday.

China-funded Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway Opens

Jan 13, 2017

  • The China-funded and built railway that connects the two African countries was recently inaugurated and is now open for business. The operation of Africa’s first electrified standard gauge railway is expected to make great impacts for Africa’s trade and commerce. The railway stretches 750 kilometers long, connecting the suburbs of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia with the Red Sea port of Djibouti, cutting the travel time from three days to just 12 hours. With the railway now in operation, people won’t have to go through the arduous journey of passing through a congested, potholed road to get from one point to the other.

Russia picks China’s Huawei for telecom project on Japan-claimed isles

January 13, 2017

  • A Russian government-affiliated telecommunications company has announced it has selected China’s Huawei Technologies to undertake survey and design work for laying a submarine fiber optic cable linking communities on Sakhalin and islands controlled by Russia but claimed by Japan. The Japanese government has been wary of companies from China, South Korea and other third countries doing business on the four islands called the Northern Territories in Japan and the Southern Kurils in Russia. They were seized by the Soviet Union at the end of World War II.

Malaysia deports 28 Uighurs to China

Jan 13, 2017

  • Malaysia has deported 28 Uighur militants to China since 2013 owing to intelligence-sharing between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said yesterday. He added that the militants – members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) – were detained in Malaysia while they were on their way to Turkey to join terror group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Africa: Congolese President Appreciates China’s Support for Development

12 January 2017

  • Republic of Congo’ President Denis Sassou Nguesso said Tuesday that his country appreciates China’s support for his country’s development. Sassou Nguesso noted that his country firmly supports China’s legitimate positions with regard to issues concerning its sovereignty and territorial integrity, including Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Nigeria Snubs Taiwan as China Pledges $40 Billion Investment

January 12, 2017

  • Nigeria ordered Taiwan to move its trade mission from the capital, Abuja, to the commercial hub, Lagos, following a visit by the Chinese foreign minister during which his government pledged to invest $40 billion into infrastructure in Africa’s most populous country.

More than 200 Taiwanese deportees still in China

Jan 09, 2017

  • A total of 223 Taiwanese who were deported over the past nine months from other nations on suspicion of telecommunications fraud are still being held in China, where they were deported, the Mainland Affairs Council said yesterday.

China, Kyrgyzstan vow to deepen security cooperation


  • China and Kyrgyzstan on Friday vowed to deepen security cooperation and jointly fight terrorist forces such as the East Turkistan Islamic Movement. The pledge came out of a meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev in Beijing. During the meeting, the two leaders agreed to jointly combat the “three evil forces” of terrorism, separatism and extremism.

DEA opens shop in China to help fight synthetic drug trade

Jan. 6, 2017

  • In a sign of improving cooperation between the U.S. and China to fight the global drug trade, the Drug Enforcement Administration will open a new office there and its top chief will visit next week for the first time in more than a decade. The DEA said acting administrator Chuck Rosenberg will visit Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong Monday through Thursday, at the invitation of China’s Ministry of Public Security. The last time the head of the DEA visited the country was 2005.

Taiwan objects to Vietnam deporting telecom fraud suspects to China

Jan 4, 2017

  • Taiwan on Tuesday strongly objected to the deportation from Vietnam to China of four Taiwanese nationals suspected of telecommunications fraud, saying the move was carried out under pressure from Beijing. The latest deportation followed a series of similar cases this year where Taiwanese nationals in Kenya, Malaysia, Armenia and Cambodia have been arrested for alleged involvement in cross-border telecom scam groups and sent to China.

Chinese companies to build world’s tallest twin towers in Cambodia


  • A joint venture of two Chinese companies has won the bid to build the world’s tallest twin towers in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, reports The twin towers will be 560 meters high with 133 floors. The bid amount is around $2.7 billion, and the duration of the contract is tentatively fixed at 60 months.

Duterte named 2016 ‘Person of the Year’ by Chinese magazine

January 3, 2017

  • President Rodrigo Duterte on the cover page of a Chinese Magazine, Yazhou Zhoukan. The president is hailed as the 2016 ‘Person of the Year’ by the prestigious Hong Kong international affairs newsweekly , Yazhou Zhoukan.

Japan eyes trilateral talks with China, South Korea in February: Kyodo

Dec 31, 2016

  • Japan has approached China and South Korea about holding a trilateral summit in Tokyo in February aimed at deepening cooperation on such issues as a free trade deal, the environment and counter-terrorism, Kyodo news agency reported on Saturday.

China: Open to Vatican talks but Catholics must be patriots

Dec. 28, 2016

  • China’s head of religious affairs said that Beijing is willing to have constructive dialogue with the Vatican but stressed that Catholics should “hold up high the flag of patriotism” and adapt Catholicism to Chinese society. Wang Zuo’an, the director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, made the remarks Tuesday at a meeting of China’s official Catholic Church, which includes bishops, priests and lay Catholics, state media reported.

China, Pakistan, Russia to Meet on Afghanistan, Angering Kabul Leaders

December 26, 2016

  • Top Foreign Ministry officials from China, Pakistan and Russia will meet in Moscow on Tuesday to review what they perceive as a “gradually growing” threat to their frontiers posed by Islamic State extremists in Afghanistan

Chinese ships enter Japan’s territorial waters

December 25, 23:21

  • Three Chinese patrol vessels entered Japan’s territorial waters off the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea on Monday. Monday was the 36th day this year that Chinese government ships entered Japanese territorial waters. The last incursion took place on December 11th.

Philippines Takes Strides Toward Alliance With China

December 23, 2016

  • The Philippines is showing new signs this month of strengthening an alliance with China and weakening ties with its old friend, the United States, giving Beijing a key partner in its controversial maritime expansion and Manila a source of long-term investment. The Chinese and Philippine coast guards met for the first time Friday in Manila and agreed to pursue maritime cooperation. Their claims to the South China Sea overlap, causing friction that prompted the Philippines to take China to a world court tribunal – and win the case in July.

China Flexes Economic Muscle, Scores Diplomatic Hat Trick

December 22, 2016

  • Three nations on three continents — Norway, Mongolia and the tiny West African country of Sao Tome and Principe — together this week demonstrated China’s readiness to use its economic leverage to achieve its national interests. Within 48 hours, each publicly recanted for perceived offenses to China’s “core interests,” including support for Taiwan, Tibet and a local activist who called for ending the Communist Party’s monopoly on power. While the cases were unrelated, they had a similar element: Promises of better ties with the world’s second-largest economy, such as trade deals and financial support.

Mongolia says Dalai Lama will not be allowed future visits

Dec. 21, 2016

  • Mongolia will no longer allow the Dalai Lama to visit the country after a recent trip by the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader prompted protests from China and a suspension of talks on a major loan. “You can understand that during the full term of this government, the Dalai Lama will not be allowed to visit Mongolia even for religious purposes,” he reportedly said. His comments were confirmed by the ministry’s press office Wednesday.

China praises Sao Tome and Principe’s stand on one-China policy

December 21, 2016

  • The Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that it welcomes the decision of a central African country to cut “diplomatic ties” with Taiwan as the one-China policy is widely recognized worldwide. “We have noticed that the government of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe issued an announcement on Dec 20 (Tuesday) local time to cut the so-called ‘diplomatic’ relationship with Taiwan,” spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, adding that China praises the move and welcomes the African country to “return to the right track of the one-China principle”.

China offers $14 million arms package to the Philippines: Manila’s defense minister

Dec 20, 2016

  • China has offered to provide $14 million worth of small arms and fast boats to the Philippines for free, aiding President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs and fighting terrorism, Manila’s defense minister said on Tuesday.

Norway and China Restore Ties, 6 Years After Nobel Prize Dispute

DEC. 19, 2016

  • China and Norway announced on Monday that they would normalize relations, six years after the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the imprisoned democracy advocate Liu Xiaobo opened a rift between the countries. In the statement, Norway said it “fully respects China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, attaches high importance to China’s core interests and major concerns, will not support actions that undermine them, and will do its best to avoid any future damage to the bilateral relations.”

Africa: Chinese Fund Invests U.S.$4 Bilion in Africa

15 December 2016

  • The China Africa Development Fund (CAD Fund), an equity investment fund managed by China Development Bank, had invested 4 billion U.S. dollars in Africa as of the end of November, authorities said Wednesday. Since its establishment in 2007, the fund has invested in 88 projects in 37 African countries. The projects cover areas including infrastructure, processing and manufacturing, and energy and mineral resources, said Wang Yong, vice president of the fund, at a business partnership event attended by Chinese and African companies in Guangzhou.

Xi Jinping named fourth most powerful person by Forbes


  • Chinese President Xi Jinping has been named the fourth most powerful person in the world in Forbes Magazine’s ‘World’s Most Powerful People’ list, up one place from last year. Leader of China’s Communist Party, Xi sits behind Russian President Vladimir Putin, United States President-elect Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the list, released by Forbes on Wednesday.

Duterte says he’ll set aside South China Sea feud ruling against Beijing

17 December, 2016

  • The Philippine president said on Saturday he would “set aside” a ruling by an international arbitration tribunal that invalidated Beijing’s claims to most of the busy South China Sea, because he doesn’t want to impose on China.

China warns Taiwan over independence after Trump call

14 December 2016

  • China warned Taiwan that declaring independence would be a “dead end”, state media said Wednesday, after the island’s democratically elected president phoned Donald Trump in a precedent-breaking move. Beijing’s stance of opposing and blocking “Taiwan independence splittism” is “firm and unmovable”, Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman An Fengshan said at a briefing Wednesday, according to state-owned China News.

French foreign minister says Trump’s approach to China is ‘not clever’

14 December 2016

  • The French foreign minister has described Donald Trump’s approach to China as “not very clever”, warning the US president-elect not to threaten or lecture Beijing as “we do not talk like that to a partner”. Jean-Marc Ayrault was responding to Trump’s threats of a trade or currency war with China, as well as his surprise decision to speak directly by phone to the Taiwan president, Tsai Ing-wen.

Australia still committed to one-China policy despite Donald Trump’s remarks

December 13, 2016

  • DEFENCE Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has contradicted US president-elect Donald Trump on China, saying Australia had not changed its one-China policy.

Merkel says Germany to stick to ‘one China’ policy

Dec 12, 2016

  • Germany will not change its “one China” policy, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday, distancing herself from comments by President-elect Donald Trump that the United States could reconsider its long-held policy that Taiwan is part of China. “We still stand by a ‘one China’ policy and we will not change our stance,” Merkel told a news conference with Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic when asked about Trump’s remarks questioning nearly four decades of U.S. policy.

Chinese directors win top prizes at Marrakesh film festival

11 December 2016

  • Two Chinese filmmakers won the top awards at the Marrakesh film festival this weekend, with Zang Qiwu’s “The Donor” on the controversial issue of organ transplants taking the coveted Golden Star. Both Zang and Wang, seen as up and rising filmmakers, had also taken the two main prizes at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea in October.

Philippine president says he’ll accept China arms offer

December 11, 2016

  • The Philippine president says he has decided to accept an arms deal being offered by China under concessional terms in the latest sign of cozying relations between the Asian neighbors. President Rodrigo Duterte said Sunday in a speech before troops that he’ll send military officials to China to receive the firearms, which will be payable over 25 years. He did not provide further details.

South Africa: Chinese Enterprises Help Improve Living Standards of South Africans

9 December 2016

  • A report released Thursday shows that Chinese enterprises in South Africa are making positive contributions to the socio-economic well-being of the country. According to the report on the development of Chinese enterprises in South Africa unveiled by the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association, there are more than 300 Chinese companies including representative offices in South Africa and among them about 140 are large and medium-sized companies. By the end of 2015, Chinese investment in South Africa reached about 13 billion U.S. dollars. The Chinese enterprises employed more than 26,000 people in South Africa, of whom 24,000 were locals, the report said.

Cambodia, China boost cybercrime, security cooperation

December 9, 2016

  • Cambodia and China are moving beyond agreements made last April to upgrade their bilateral cooperation in security, counter-terrorism and prevention of cybercrime. Cambodia attended the China-Southeast Asian security services counter-terrorism summit in Beijing last April 7. During the summit, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries agreed to increase cooperation and communication to create a comprehensive and sustainable security strategy for Asia.